Green Development Research Center

    The Future Regional Development Laboratory (FRDL) is dedicated to researching and publicizing China's overall national development strategy, including regional coordinated development, deep integration, and integrated urban-rural development.FRDL focuses on simulating the four major patterns of future: Future urban spatial development,Future Industry Patterns,Future green economy and Future society of shared prosperity, carrying out reserve, forward-looking and targeted strategic researches, building a regional development policy brain,and constructing a hub for convergence of research on high-quality development of the region based on the Yangtze River Delta and facing the whole country, a platform for decision-making support and a window for displaying achievements. As a cutting-edge academic research center with national influence, FRDL creates an artificial intelligence brain for decision-making to optimize public policies and provides a scientific research platform to showcase academic and technological innovations.

    Key R& D Directions

    • Regional coordinated development

    • Deep regional integration

    • Rural-Urban Integration Development


    • The Executive Committee of the Demonstration Area for the Eco-friendly and Integrated Development of the Yangtze River Delta

    • The Organization Department of Jiashan County

    • The Development and Reform Commission of Jiashan County

    • The Office of Promoting Scientific Development of the Demonstration Area of Jiashan County

    • SDIC Investment Management Co., Ltd.

    • China Railway Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

    • Hangzhou City Brain Technology and Service Co., Ltd.

    • Hangzhou Quan-chi Technology Co., Ltd.

    • Hangzhou Qiyan Data Technology Co., Ltd.

    Expert Team

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