Future Design Lab

    Future Design Laboratory focuses on the new wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation, targeting the innovative design strategies required for the future HCPS quadruple space. It aims to build an open platform for the integration of industry, academia, and research based on intelligent design, human-machine fusion, future media, green design and other fields. The goal is to create a source of innovation design and a new engine for digital economic growth for the future.

    The laboratory will operate according to the 3+4+1+X task framework. This means it will construct the three largest domestic databases in innovative design, digital virtual humans, and digital arts and cultural resources. It will also develop four core systems and equipment, including digital fashion intelligent design, intelligent car digital cockpit, exoskeleton robots, and digital cultural creative experiences. Additionally, it will establish a public service platform to support the development of future design and design green products (X) that meet future demands, thus empowering high-quality development of future industries.

    Key R& D Directions

    • Innovative Design of Data Intelligence Platform

    Research Projects in Progress

    • Data-Driven Fashion and Pop-up Design Research Powered by Data Intelligence

    • Human-Machine Fusion-Driven Digital Virtual Human Technology and Innovative Design Research

    • Research on Multisensory Fusion in Future Media Interaction Technology and Application Demonstration

    • Development of Data Engine for Innovation Design

    • Product creative design data engine and intelligent technology for manufacturing enterprises

    • Clothing Intelligent Design and Marketing Software Development


    • Hangzhou Linhui Network Technology Co., Ltd

    • Yuyao Haiji Construction and Development Co., Ltd

    • Yangzhou Hengjing Municipal Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd

    • Jiashan Antai Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    • Jiashan Litong Information Technology Co., LTD

    • Jiashan Xinchi Digital Technology Co., LTD

    Expert Team

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