Future Health Lab

    The Future Health Laboratory (FHL), headed by academician Zhang Boli, was established in 2022 with the vision and mission of “leading technological innovation and promoting harmonious co-existence between mankind and nature”. Relying on the construction of high-quality talent teams and the strong multi-disciplinary advantages of Zhejiang University, FHL is committed to empowering future healthcare with digitization, intelligence, and systematization through cutting-edge research and integrated collaboration. In 2023, the National Key Laboratory for Chinese Medicine Modernization, based on Zhejiang University, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Tasly Holding Group, was approved and landed at FHL, together with the launch of the first automatic intelligent screening platform for TCM components, Delta1. At FHL, we also attach importance to strengthening the integration of industry, education and research, and to nurturing the next generation of sustainable ecosystem to meet rapidly changing global needs. By gathering the development of innovative technologies and the transformation of technological achievements together, we are striving to provide FHL-solutions for better serving human health and will take it as our supreme pursuit.

    Key R& D Directions

    • Future Chinese Medicine

    • Nucleic Acid Health

    • Systemic Immunity


    • CR Sanjiu

    • Ningbo Municipal Hospital of TCM

    • Shanghai Pharma

    • Shawya

    • Tasly Holding Group Co.Ltd

    Expert Team

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