Graduate Students

    As a high-level scientific and technological innovation platform, Innovation Center of Yangtze River is committed to building an excellent triune ecosystem of scientific and technological innovation, talent training and future industry, actively explores the innovative talent cultivation modes, fully exerts its role of industry-education integration, and promotes the cultivation of applied, compounded, and innovative engineering talents at a high level.

    The Innovation Center has six future laboratories such as Future Food, Future Health, Future Design, Future Regional Development, Future City and Future Environment. We have established a joint postgraduates cultivation base with China Jiliang University together, and social practice bases with Chu Kochen Honors College and College of Pharmaceutical science, but also set up several joint research institutions with relevant enterprises. Tutors and industry experts provide professional guidance for postgraduates. So, there are well learning, research and practice conditions for postgraduates here. Meanwhile, we have built experienced student management and service support teams. Research assistantship, meal subsidy and free accommodation are provided for postgraduates. Various recreational and sports activities are organized regularly. Currently, there are more than 150 postgraduates studying and practicing here.

    In 2023, Innovation Center of Yangtze River recruited 41 postgraduate students with professional degrees in Food Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmacy, Industrial Design Engineering, Civil Engineering and Water Conservancy, Architecture and Environmental Engineering, and will continue to recruit in the future. Meanwhile, We are actively seeking cooperation with global universities and research institutes in joint postgraduate cultivation programs.

    Thanks for your attention,and look forward to meeting you here.