Future Food Lab

    The mission of Future Food Laboratory is to fulfill the elements of future food industry by enhancing the health-promoting properties, nutritional profiles, palatability, efficiency and sustainability of food products based on the national strategy of “All-encompassing Approach to Food”. The laboratory is built by a cohort of faculty members of Zhejiang University from interdisciplinary background such as food science, chemistry, biology, mechanics. The goals of our lab are to build an Analytical Center for Food Science, and conduct two research areas including flexible food manufacturing system and food biosynthesis. Our research prototypes consist of three specific food categories including functional foods, high quality beverages and pre-prepared dishes. We are conducting cutting-edge studies aiming for both fundamental research and extension work. We are creating a vibrant industry alliance in the region of Yangtze River Delta relying on the platform build by Zhejiang University and local government.

    Key R& D Directions

    • Food Intelligent and Flexible Manufacturing

    • Food Biosynthesis

    Research Projects in Progress

    • Development and industrialization of intelligent high-speed self-supporting nozzle aseptic filling equipment


    • Guangxi Liugong Group Co., Ltd

    • Ningbo Taiyi Health Industry Co., Ltd

    Expert Team

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