The First Roadshow of Validated Projects for Transformation of Innovative Achievements was Successfully Held

10 11.2023

In order to build a platform for displaying and exchanging science and innovation achievements, and to boost the efficient transformation and landing of the achievements, on August 10, 2023, Innovation Center of Yangtze River Delta, Zhejiang University successfully held the first roadshow conference for the transformation of innovative achievements into validated projects in Xiangfudang Science and Innovation Green Valley. Lin Weilian, Director of Zhejiang University's Domestic Cooperation Office and Secretary of the Party and Work Committee of the Yangtze River Delta Wisdom Oasis Innovation Center, and Li Zhijie, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Jiashan Demonstration Zone, attended the event and delivered speeches. Relevant leaders from Jiashan County Economic and Information Bureau, Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau, Luoxing Street, and team members of Wisdom Oasis Innovation Center attended the event. The event specially invited 11 senior experts from government agencies, financial institutions, industry leading enterprises as judges. After self-declaration, pre-screening and other links, 37 project teams from domestic first-class universities, research institutions and enterprises and institutions to participate in the activities and roadshow demonstration.


In the roadshow session, 37 teams of transformation and validation projects were presented in two venues. In the comprehensive venue, 25 transformation verification projects involving advanced equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, construction engineering, big data, culture and tourism and other fields were presented; in the medical and healthcare venue, 12 projects involving new drug development, new therapeutic applications, medical device research and development and other fields were presented. The evaluation experts asked questions and scored the roadshow projects in terms of technical innovation, feasibility and market prospect, and made targeted suggestions to help the projects to be revised and improved.


Since its establishment, the Wisdom Oasis Innovation Center has been focusing on the transformation of achievements as a key task, established the Innovation Achievement Transformation and Verification Center, constructed the five systems of innovation achievement transformation and verification consisting of the project source system, evaluation system, service system, risk control system, and growth system, and made great efforts to play the role of a bridge to enable the scientific and technological achievements and the market for the products of each other, and strived to build a new business model in the core area of the Yangtze River Delta. It strives to build a preferred place for innovation transformation in the core region of the Yangtze River Delta. At present, the first batch of transformation and verification projects have been completed, the first funded project plasma tumor treatment equipment has been incubated in the future innovation park of Zhejiang University National University Science and Technology Park in Guigu Park. The second batch of projects for the whole country has also been completed, a total of 56 internal and external projects have been collected, of which 37 have been shortlisted for this roadshow. The next step is that the Innovation Center will conduct further evaluation and screening based on the performance of each transformation verification project in this roadshow conference, select the best projects for funding, and prioritize the more mature projects to be recommended to Jiashan for landing.


Transformation of results for development, open cooperation to win the future. Wisdom Oasis Innovation Center adheres to the open development of results transformation, by expanding the circle of friends, increasing the source of projects, doing a good job of aggregation and catalyst, and releasing the kinetic energy of science and innovation. We sincerely welcome science and innovation teams at home and abroad to declare fruit transformation validation projects, relying on the good platform, resources and services provided by the Innovation Center, to promote high-quality science and innovation achievements to embark on a new journey of transformation nirvana.