Doing pure things with simple minds

10 11.2023

What we need are simple entrepreneurs with pure minds, the first time I heard this was at the rally meeting for the labs of center on July 6th 2022, said a staff. A professor present emphasized that the center should introduce better policies and provide better treatment and conditions in order to attract scholars to work here. On hearing this, Mr.Lin, secretary of the center said emotionally, What you just said, the center is not yet available for the time being, but we firmly believe that there will be one in the future. What mostly needed at the moment is simple entrepreneurs with pure minds. Mr.Lin's words gave me a great shock, and the wordssimple entrepreneur is also deeply rooted in my heart, and I can't help but ask myself: what is the spirit of simplicity? Why we need the simple entrepreneurs?


When it comes to simplicity, the first thing that comes to mind is hardship and simplicity. Ask yourself, can the conditions at the centre be called hardship? The answer is just the opposite.


The centre has a unique natural beauty. The Centre is situated in the Xiangfudang Wetland in Jiashan, and as far as the eye can see from the office, there is either a wide lake or boundless rice fields. The descending clouds,align themselves with the solitary bird on their flight in view, while the tranquility of the water blends in with the dimension of the sky into the same hue. The scenic beauty has become a daily routine in the workplace.


The centre has first-class hardware conditions. The laboratory is built according to high standards, and the construction of general area, clean area and office area is in line with the first-class design and construction standards. The investment in instruments and equipment is even more extraordinary. The centre is full of future-oriented and future-touching spirit.


The Centre has a profound humanistic heritage. Adjacent to Xitang, a thousand-year-old town, its cultural deposits and the spirit of seeking truth and innovation of ZJU people are integrated and complement each other, which has become a strong cardiac agent to nourish the Centre, and also a distinctive undertone for the staff of the Centre to strive for the best, innovate and strive for advancement, and point to the first-class.


Simple emotions come from strong beliefs


As the question of Zhu Kezhen said, we always reflect on what we are doing in ZJU. What do we ZJU people want to do when we leave Hangzhou campus and come to Jiashan Xiangfudang Park? Promoting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta is a major strategy planned, deployed and promoted by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Jiaxing City, Jiashan County and Zhejiang University to join hands to build this high-capacity innovation platform, is in the joint efforts to promote the integration of high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta, and strive to build a national strategic scientific and technological forces and regional innovation source. With the responsibility on our shoulders and the mission in our bodies, we should be firm in our beliefs and move forward with courage and perseverance.


Simple emotions come from practical commitment


We are not a group of hot-blooded young people with blind confidence, we have both experienced party and government members and academically sophisticated experts and scholars in our team. The persistent pursuit of intelligent Chinese medicine stack research and development, laboratory construction and renovation of forgetfulness, the opening ceremony of the elaborate planning, systematic innovation of the overall planning, the pursuit of perfection in the details of the polishing ...... keep love, keep improving, we are in the ordinary work position, with the practical work to take responsibility for the pursuit of success.

Looking up to the stars and keeping their feet on the ground, the Centre's entrepreneurs will continue to do pure things with simple minds.